For all our existing customers who regularly tune in to check up on the latest security tip, our Locksmith Rose Bay has a good one for you today. When you are in the process of moving either home or office the most important thing you should do in relation to the security on your new premises is change the keys! With no way of knowing how many keys are out there and in whose hands they may be in, there is only one form of insurance available, that is to call a professional service provider of Locksmiths Rose Bay and have them change the keys ASAP. Once the locksmith has been commissioned you may also want to inquire about the added benefit of getting restricted key barrels installed. The cost is going to be a one off premium over a standard re key, but the benefits are numerous, most importantly, no one will ever be able to copy the keys, so you have full key control. Call us to find out more about the costs associated with this.

He there and welcome one again to our regular posts aimed at keeping all our readers up to date with our latest products and services. Today we would like to inform all readers that we have a dedicated technician that services Rose Bay and surrounding suburbs, for all the pertinent contact information please click the following link Rose Bay Locksmith. Of course when searching for a credible Rose Bay Locksmiths Service provider it is imperative to check that they have a security industry master licence that is specific to the locksmith trade. This ensures you that you will be engaging a professional who is competent in the field of lock and key security work. Our security tip today is to ensure you have a sturdy deadlock installed to all external doors. Ideally we like to see homes fitted with quality products such as Lockwood 001's and Chubb mortice locks, as these types of locks provide superior protection when installed properly. For convenience our Rose Bay Locksmiths can also key alike all of your locks so you only have to carry around one key. Sound good? Call our 24 hour Locksmith Rose Bay for more information.

"Hey there I am writing this testimonial in relation to your fantastic emergency locksmith Sydney services that saved my bacon when I really needed it. As agreed here is my testimonial as requested on the provision that I was happy with your emergency locksmith solutions, which I absolutely was. I really appreciate you coming out at such a late hour to replace my faulty deadlatch, hopefully I won't need to call a locksmith again haha - cheers Mark"

A word from the 24 hour emergency locksmiths Bondi "If your locks are not working smoothly anymore it could because of mechanical wear and tear due to age and your lock might be in danger of failing all of a sudden leaving you locked out. The signs to look for that will tell you your lock needs professional attention are clicking, not operating smoothly and trouble opening the door. Call us if you are unsure.

Lost keys are a nightmare of a situation to manage. We understand how inconvenient and frustrating it can be to have no keys because you cant lock up and leave the house or go for a drive. If you are in the unfortunate situation of having lost your keys to your home in Bondi then please call the local 24hr Locksmiths Bondi for rapid response and sensible solutions to your security inconvenience. Our Lost key replacement service will ensure your old keys are rendered useless for your security and when we replace your keys we will give you an extra key for free. That's right! No charge for all our customers in Bondi for an extra key.

We operate a fully equipped mobile workshop that can offer a wide range of solutions for all your lock and key related predicaments, so if you need fast effective service in Bondi now then please call our friendly experienced technician.

Hello there are you a DIY'er? (that's short for do it yourself) Well if you are and you are considering installing a new lock or replacing an old one then consider using a quality lock on your unit or home in Bondi such as a Lockwood 001 (self latching) or a Lockwood 355 (key activated).

The Lockwood 001 is the prime choice if you live in a unit in Bondi because fire regulations will govern which locks you legally can fit to your door. Stipulations include that the lock must be self latching so as not to impede the closing action of a door. A 355 is not suitable for installation to your apartment because it has the potential to impede latching which is a fire hazard, however if you live in a home then a 355 is perfectly suitable and a good choice at that too! Please be sure to accurately install your lock if you are doing it yourself, the installation will affect the security level that the lock has to offer. If in doubt please call us or more information. Regards your local Bondi Locksmiths.

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