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The “24-hour Locksmith Bondi” directory only advertises a professional, pre screened, master licenced, 24-hour locksmith that services Bondi and surrounding suburbs. Services offered include 24-hour lockout service, rekeys, lock installations and more. For professional service to Bondi at all hours you have come to the right place. By calling the advertised number you will get straight through to a Bondi Locksmith qualified to offer a prompt resolution to your lock related predicament. This directory has selected “Open Sesame Locksmiths” as the most suitable from several candidates. The result we aim for in offering you this directory is to eliminate the need for you to call around, as we know your time is important. This candidate has been pre-screened and is master licenced for your peace of mind. A word from the locksmith:

“Looking for a 24 hour locksmith Bondi? One who specialises in after hours work such as lockouts? Look no further! We are mobile locksmiths offering a 24-hour gain entry service to Bondi and surrounding suburbs. Our lock out service requires that sufficient I.D be presented on our arrival. Acceptable forms of I.D include a driver’s licence, or a bill with name and address.”

Security tips when moving into a new property: First thing you should do is arrange for a locksmith to change the locks. The key you get from the real estate will be the same key the previous tenant had. There is no way of knowing how many copies of they key are out there, so the safest measure would be to rekey the locks on all external doors. Additional security measures would include installing dead lockable locks on all doors and windows. Sliding doors are vulnerable to being lifted or pried open, a way to decrease the possibility of a successful break and enter on sliding doors is to install patio bolts, and or sliding door locks with hooks throwing up and down, such as the Lockwood 900.

Door viewers are a good way to monitor who is at your door. A new product that has recently become available is an electronic door viewer that uses an LCD screen to transmit the image. It is activated by a button that powers it up displaying a televised picture of the person at the door, able to be used by kids who can’t reach a normal peephole. It is powered by batteries so installation is relatively simple as there is no hardwiring, an easy job for the DIY’er. The screen goes into stand by mode when not in use to preserve battery life. Need a 24 hour emergency Locksmith Bondi, our sister company also provides a comprehensive service to the Bondi area.

Deadlocks: 001 deadlatches are approved for installation to unit doors, as they are compliant with council fire laws. Fire laws stipulate that the lock must latch automatically when the door is closed. A 355 is not acceptable because the bolt, if locked, will stop the door from closing. Fire inspectors can enforce non-compliant locks to be removed, it’s not worth the risk of installing such locks for both safety and financial reasons, ie: the cost of having to replace it with a 001. The 001 can be keyed to restricted systems such as bi lock offering keys that cannot be duplicated, a good idea for rental properties as this guarantees the landlord that unauthorised copies of the key cannot be obtained.

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