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Installing a 001 to your unit in Bondi

Hello there are you a DIY'er? (that's short for do it yourself) Well if you are and you are considering installing a new lock or replacing an old one then consider using a quality lock on your unit or home in Bondi such as a Lockwood 001 (self latching) or a Lockwood 355 (key activated).

The Lockwood 001 is the prime choice if you live in a unit in Bondi because fire regulations will govern which locks you legally can fit to your door. Stipulations include that the lock must be self latching so as not to impede the closing action of a door. A 355 is not suitable for installation to your apartment because it has the potential to impede latching which is a fire hazard, however if you live in a home then a 355 is perfectly suitable and a good choice at that too! Please be sure to accurately install your lock if you are doing it yourself, the installation will affect the security level that the lock has to offer. If in doubt please call us or more information. Regards your local Bondi Locksmiths.

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