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Hello there, today we would like to post some valuable information pertaining to the supply and installation of safes. Whether you need a safe for the home or office the following information should prove useful in helping you select the right model to suit your requirements. Firstly safes are designed to protect valuables, be it cash, jewellery or data and the term used to measure and or define a safe's security rating is "overnight cash holding". Overnight cash holding will vary from construction of the safe right up to the type of lock it has been fitted with. For example two safes of the same model, one fitted with a key lock, and the other fitted with an electronic and alarmed (monitored)lock would have different overnight cash ratings, the latter being the one with the higher rating. You can find bargains on the web if you want a second hand safe, however alot of these are in high demand so you better be quick. Alternatively you could call your local locksmiths and have them source, supply and install for your peace of mind. If you need service in Bondi please call now, or if it's on the Lower North Shore you are needing service then please click 24 hour Locksmiths North Sydney for our sister company.

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